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General Terms
No, the registration and the ad are free.
The big advantage is that you can also offer coins.
Furthermore, very small amounts of money can be offered, up to a minimum amount worth 10 USD.
High fees as at exchange offices or banks are omitted.
For example, you buy f.e. 200 Croatian kuna (approx. 31 USD) and probably pay only 25 USD for this
- You may not have entered your mobile number in the specified format.
- You may have entered an incorrect mobile number.
The number must be in the format +1234567.
For sellers:
All valid currencies worldwide.
Coins & Banknotes
Yes, the minimum amount is 10 USD, the maximum amount is 100 USD per ad set.
No, he can only buy the currency as offered by you.
Yes, in the user area you can always specify a new retail price.
Depending on which payment method you have set in your JOJmoney account,
Either to your Paypal account, or to your bank account.
You will receive the payment directly from the buyer only if the buyer on
[Goods have been paid]
click to get the confirmation on the receipt of the payment or the shipping address if you were able to post the payment.
Currently Paypal and bank account.
When setting, you specify in which countries you are ready to ship
You can easily choose if you only send to your home country
or send to, for example, neighboring countries.
Your ad will only be seen in the countries you've specified.
If you eg. Germany and Austria have indicated as the country of delivery,
for example, a visitor from Switzerland does not see your ad.
For example, within Austria you pay 0.68 euros to Porto, from Austria to Germany 0.80 euros
Other countries can be found in the price calculator of the post office.
Always in advance, before you send out the currency.
Best with a simple envelope and regular post.
However, it is best to wrap the currency in a sheet of newspaper there are black sheeps everywhere.
Thus, the content is not apparent to unauthorized persons.
For buyers:
Of individuals, travelers, vacationers, who have leftover currencies
This can be seen in the detailed view of the offer.
The seller indicates when discontinuing his / her remainder,
how many coins and / or notes the offer contains.
Depending on which payment method the seller has set in his JOJmoney account,
Either on his Paypal account or in his bank account
To the postal address you provided.
These will be stated when you open your JOJmoney account.
Yes, in the user area you have the ability to change them
All currencies offered by sellers