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Terms of Service
Version of: 1.11.2018
Version of: 1.11.2018

1. Preamble

JOJ runs a free advertising portal for valid currencies / currencies (hereinafter referred to as "advertisements") at until further notice.
The internet service is owned and operated by JOJ Internetservice GmbH. (Hereafter called JOJ)

2. General provisions

2a Scope and application

The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions") of JOJ Internetservice GmbH (hereinafter "JOJ").
apply to the website and all subdomains and pages belonging to this domain.

3. Privacy statement

To process the business relationship, the contractor stores personal data electronically
and necessarily passes them on to others for that purpose alone (e.g., post office, legal advisor, insurance).
The customer is entitled to prohibit the disclosure of data at any time. The contractor stores the order data and sends this to the customer by e-mail.
The terms and conditions can be viewed at any time on the website

3.a Transfer of data by JOJ

The customer expressly agrees and waives the assertion of any claims, e.g. for breach of privacy,
that the data given by him are stored and sent to government agencies (police, courts, authorities,
Protection association against the unfair competition or otherwise according to 14 UGB suit-authorized
Institutions, as well as the Austrian Advertising Council), which carry out investigations regarding materials / contents,
which are distributed by the customer via or which relate to unlawful activities undertaken by the customer.
This includes activities in the field of private electronic communications.
Furthermore, the customer agrees to the disclosure of the data to those other third parties whose rights are governed by
Customer made dissemination of content or set by the customer
unlawful activities are violated via, or claims an infringement traceable.
This applies in particular in the case of disclosure of data to third parties by way of a request for information pursuant to 18 (4) ECG.

3b Blocking or deletion or deactivation

JOJ is always, if it turns out that a customer against legal requirements, against the
violates the terms and conditions or functionality of the
Web pages affected by his behavior, terminate the user account, lock the customer
or delete the ad and cancel / terminate the contract immediately.
The customer has no claim for compensation. Any further claims by JOJ remain unaffected.
With termination of the account, blocking of the customer, delete an advertisement as well as attitude of the
Service is authorized to JOJ IS GmbH delete all recorded data without any compensation claim.

3.c Commercial Use

Please note that trading in varieties is a financial service. Anyone who conducts financial services on a commercial basis or to an extent that requires a commercially-organized business requires the prior written approval of the Financial Services Authority. If you do not want to use JOJmoney privately, but for the purposes described above, please contact us first or prove that you have such a Gen. interference. JOJmoney Internetservices GmbH accepts no liability for the legal use of our platform. Furthermore, we point out that we always ensure that no unauthorized varietal transactions are initiated and processed by us and reserve all necessary measures.

4. Contracts and Advertisements

4a General

The provided by JOJ Internet service is understood as an advertising platform or marketplace.
Customers can place ads on this ad platform or users can contact advertisers and sign contracts.
Advertisements do not constitute binding offers by JOJ / jojmoney. JOJ is neither an intermediary nor a broker.
Contracts are concluded exclusively between the customers.
JOJ is therefore not liable for the conclusion or non-conclusion of a contract between customers and for a particular success of an advertisement.
For the accuracy of personal information from customers or the accessibility of a customer on the given contact information is not responsible.
The customer is obliged to reimburse all information completely and truthfully.
It is prohibited to spend as another person or to use a name that is not authorized to use.
Insofar as the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act are not mandatory by law, the
Regulations for entrepreneurs (UGB or other relevant legal provisions).
Without the written confirmation of JOJ oral agreements, promises and information apply in particular
von JOJ Employees / Sellers - Unless otherwise required by mandatory statutory provisions (eg KSchG).

4b access data and data

The customer is obliged to keep his access data (eg user name, password, etc.) secret
and protect against unauthorized access by third parties.
The customer must immediately report abuse or unauthorized use to JOJ in writing.
Until then, the customer will have any access and any related to his user account
Attributed to the act or use of services.
For the case of an action necessary for clarification, JOJ reserves the right to provide the relevant contact details such as email address or telephone number of the other party.
4c Conclusion of a contract

The specified data of the customer must be correct, complete, truthful and appropriate
be the legal provisions.

JOJ reserves the right, in particular for the following reasons - and without any compensation claim
the customer refuse to terminate the contract without stating reasons,
to block the customer or delete advertisements without replacement.
- in case of breach of these terms and conditions.
- For multiple create accounts, which can be assigned to a user.
- For amounts above 80 euros nominal value
- in case of reasonable suspicion of improper use of the Internet service or the services of JOJ
- upon termination of the contractual relationship between the customer and JOJ.
- in case of incomplete or incorrect information

4d self-registration on the platform

The self-registration creates a contractual relationship for the duration of the deposit of the
Accounts at according to the current terms and conditions.
Registration is free and allows free use until further notice.
However, there is no entitlement to registration.

4e switching of advertisements

- Only banknotes (bills and coins) may be placed at the time of
Attitude on are valid in the sense of the payment transaction,
and are valid for at least 6 months in the future.
- The minimum amount must be 5 euros nominal value.
- The maximum amount may not exceed 80 Euro nominal value.
- The value dates must be physically in a state that is normal for payments.
- The currencies offered must be in the physical possession of the customer

4f services of the customer

The seller has the obligation to delete outdated advertisements.
The seller is not allowed to perform multiple circuits of advertisements.
The seller agrees to sell the value date within 2 working days and the amount deposited
Send address of the buyer by regular mail.

5. Liability and warranty

JOJ is not responsible for the advertisements at any given time
go online and / or disabled / deleted.

JOJ is neither liable for a particular success of an advertisement nor for its enforceability
a contract concluded over the marketplace (for example, purchase of currency).
JOJ is also not liable for the goods offered on the marketplace, services, etc., neither
Validity or price of the currency, nor from damages, product liability, etc.
Offered Valuten do not constitute binding offers by JOJ. JOJ is neither an intermediary nor a broker.
JOJ has no obligation whatsoever
to obtain or pass on further information about goods / services offered by customers, etc.

If retrievable content or advertisements are posted and made available by or on behalf of clients,
JOJ assumes no liability whatsoever for content,
Accuracy, timeliness or reliability, misuse, typing and delivery errors, etc.,
Identity information of customers or the accessibility of the persons on the basis of given information.
The warranty of JOJ towards customers extends only to the current
usual technical standard corresponding reproduction of the advertisement.

JOJ is not liable for damages that result to the customer from the misuse of data transmitted to third parties.
The advertiser is responsible for the correct recording of the data, especially for self-input.

JOJ is not liable for a failure of the servers of
JOJ is entitled at any time to limit its services for necessary reasons or to suspend them temporarily.
The liability of the contractor for contractual breaches of duty as well as liability for tort
is limited to damage caused by intent or gross negligence
A further liability of JOJ, in particular for slight negligence etc. is excluded.
The liability of JOJ is in any case limited in amount with the amount / price of this contract with the customer.
The burden of proof for the fault of JOJ is borne by the customer.
Claims for damages become time-barred within three months.
A liability of JOJ for damages due to force majeure (for example, strikes, forces of nature) is excluded.

Paid services

The posting of advertisements on the JOJmoney advertising platform for the purpose of selling currencies is free of charge until recalled.
The use of the JOJmoney advertising platform for the purpose of purchasing foreign currencies is subject to a fee.
The JOJ IS GmbH grants however each user a free test purchase.
For the further use of the platform for the purpose of the purchase then a paid use package is required.
The payment for the use of JOJmoney takes place in advance when ordering the selected user package by one-time payment.
The contract ends automatically at the end of the duration specified in the use package and does not automatically renew!
The JOJ IS customer agrees to the sending of electronic invoices by e-mail.

6. General

The transmission of the termination of the contract by JOJ via e-mail is
sufficient and applies with delivery confirmation of the server or mail service of the customer as received.
A proper or extraordinary termination by the customer must be in writing, e-mail is sufficient.
In the case of an e-mail, however, notice of termination only applies upon receipt of a written notice
Termination confirmation by JOJ as received.

7 Final provisions

7a written form

Oral side agreements or agreements do not exist.
7b Salvatory clause
The invalidity of individual provisions leaves the validity of the remaining provisions of the GTC untouched and
In the place of the ineffective clause, an effective clause shall replace the former, according to whose purpose and purpose the economic and legal terms are closest.
This also applies mutatis mutandis in the event of a gap in the provisions.

7c Jurisdiction and applicable law

All legal relationships between JOJ and the customer of the service are governed by Austrian law, to the exclusion of reference standards of the IPR or the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods.